Beáta Lőrincz

Transylvania, Romania (2011)

Where do you come from: Marosvásárhely/Tirgu-Mures (Transylvania)

When did you do your volunteering project at Fekete Sereg and how long?
2011 – February to November (10 months)

What was your motivation to do the project/Why did you decide to be a volunteer (in Hungary)?


-This is an interesting story. I was not looking for a voluntary service, yet I found one. I received an email describing that a youth organization is looking for a volunteer for communication and media area. I had university studies in this field, I saw an opportunity in it to share my experiences. I sent my application and in a short time I received a positive answer. I started collecting information then, but I learnt about EVS in various trainings during volunteering. 


What was your project? What was a regular day like?

-I helped the daily life of the association, the work of the staff. I mainly dealt with the children who went to the Telehaz. With developmental games, conversations and attention, I tried to spend time usefully with them, to develop them, to teach, to help with learning. At the same time, to spend useful free time with incoming young people.

I updated the website of the association with current news, reports and pictures. I took photos at events, meetings, excursions. Sometimes I developed promotional materials such as posters and flyers, covers. Editing and forwarding the monthly Newsletter was also my job. I also organized independent programs, cultural gatherings. I helped in the development of grant applications, as well as the process of reporting and archiving.  

Which is your favorite memory of the time you spent here?


-I have a lot of fond memories of the time I spent there. Winter lumbering at the volunteer house, the Roma day event, the youth exchange, the school radio-where I was happy to help, the First of May festivity for the elderly, Tótvázsony, volunteer meetings, the new foreign volunteers, the neighbors, the bike tour around Lake Balaton, forest tours with the kids, baking, toys, wine tastings,… I can’t list everything, all the stories, experiences and memories are dear to me and meant a lot.


What do/did you like the most about Nagyvázsony?


-I loved the apartment, I really liked it, we were able to make it homely, take advantage of all its locations. It was spacious. I had a good time in the volunteer apartment with every volunteer I lived with.


Why would you recommend doing volunteering? Why at Fekete Sereg?


-For me, the Fekete Sereg was a random choice and I had a super mentor who paved the way. To this day I am grateful for you Réka Széplaki Thank you! Volunteering is a very good opportunity to get an answer in your path search. I changed the most in my personality, I got stronger. My talents that I didn’t know or were unaware of until then had intensified. But at the same time, I also faced my limits. It is a very good opportunity for self-knowledge as well as finding answers to certain questions that may influence your future career choice.


How did you benefit from your project/your time you spent here?


-I became stronger, full of confidence and bravely for the years and challenges ahead of me. It gave me a positive charge with the help of which I succeeded as a human and as a woman, as a co-worker. This experience of mine also meant a lot in the world of work. Most of all, it brought a positive change in my personality! – and that’s why I’m grateful!


What are you currently doing in your life? What are your plans for the future?


-After returning home, I worked for a youth organization with young people and children. I introduced a new activity. I am currently working for a social organization, with my administrative work I help the activities in Târgu Mureş of the third largest social organization in the country. But at the same time, I also have active and creative work going on, complementing a bit of contact and paperwork. My job is called  assistant manager, which includes secretarial work, i.e. from coffee making, through mailing, statements, filing, to purchasing and logistics work, but sometimes culminating in a little PR work or organizing.  We call it here: „the one who is doing everything“ or the „right hand“ of the director.