About us

Our mission is to give the youth (13-30 years old) of the village possibilities to spend their free time by doing useful activities, to support bottom up initiatives of the young living in the village.

We have a local youth center. We using open youth work method in our youth center. We are open every day Monday to Friday 13:00-19:00 since 1999!

We are experienced in the following:

– Working in rural area with young people with fewer opportunity
– Operating community youth center with youth workers and EVS volunteers and ESC
– Sending/Hosting expert in European Voluntary Service and we started to work with ESC
– Experience in volunteerism (international, local level) and we started to work with ESC
– Large network in European – Mediterranean, Africa, Latin American and Asia region
– Experience working in international/intercontinental teams
– rural development rural tourism


The Fekete Sereg founded in 1997, in Nagyvázsony (1800 inhabitants) in Hungary. The association’s duty is to represent the interest of the young living in the village at regional, national and international level. The target groups in our association are diverse: we have students, unemployed people, minorities (roma), disadvantaged and handicapped people etc.

Size of the organisation:

We have 4 employed youthworkers, 4 ESC volunteers and 5-8 occasional volunteers. Our youthworkers tasks are divided according to their abilities and the needs of our target group local projects and activities explain these initiatives to the workers who give all kinds of support and help to these bottom-up initiatives of young people.

Our staff

Kandikó Rita

chairperson, international project coordinator

+ 36-30/423-9737

Gyovai Ferenc


Németh Ágnes Kira