Laura Espanol

Cataluna, Spain
September and October of 2020

Name: Laura Espanol

Where are you from? Spain, Cataluna, Santa Susana

When did you do your volunteering project at Fekete Sereg and how long?

I’ve spent two months in Nagyvázsony: September and October of 2020


What was your motivation to do the project/Why did you decide to be a volunteer (in Hungary)?

I thought about volunteering to gain more experience and also got to know another country. Before
knowing this project, I had searched some options but it was difficult to find a volunteering related to
the audiovisual, so when I found this project I hadn’t any doubt to join it.


What was your project? What was a regular day like?

I was supposed to record and edit some videos about the village and Fekete Sereg. I had all the
mornings free and then I had to go to the youth center to work on the videos, but I also played with
the guys there. On Fridays we used to go to record the footballs training and on Sundays we used to
record the matches and also some interviews for a video about the football team.


Which is your favorite memory of the time you spent here?

I don’t have a favourite memory, every day was different and this was the magic of this volunteering.
The atmosphere was chill and funny, we had the ability to laugh at everything and change the bad
things for good and funny moments.

A funny memory you’d like to share?

Definitely, the first match that we recorded with Arthur. At the beginning of the match we were
talking about how to organize us to record everything, and suddenly the Nagyvázsony team made its
first gol. It was a really funny and stressful moment because it was so unexpected for us and we
thought we didn’t record this moment. Fortunately, one of our cameras was recording the goal while
we were talking. Also a funny moment about this match, was when it ended and I thought that they
had lost, and I remember meeting with Arthur, Eva and Lisa SO FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY and they
didn’t understand why, and when I told them they laughed at me because I misunderstood and the
Nagyvázsony team had won that match.

What do/did you like the most about Nagyvázsony?

I liked the roses and flowers that were planted in the middle of our street. I didn’t pay a lot of
attention when I was there, but back in Spain I realized that it was really rare and beautiful.

How was life in the flat?

Life in the flat was really easy. We had our time by ourselves, but we also watched different series
and movies together, shared lunch or dinner and had improvised parties with the speaker. The only
thing about the flat that I didn’t find easy was the heating system, but fortunately we got help many
times by doing the fire, and I left before it was too cold to handle without heating. I think life in the
flat is easy or not depending on the volunteers with whom you live, and I had the luck that the
volunteers I lived with were all easy-going and we all matched really well.