Alexander ” Sasha” German

January of 2022-January of 2023

1. When did you do your volunteering project at Fekete Sereg and for how long?

              -January 2022-January 2023.


2. What was your motivation to do the project/Why did you decide to be a volunteer (in Hungary)? 

         –The year before the project, I wanted to find an opportunity to spend a year abroad. At  first I focused on German-speaking countries, because my skills were proudly better than English. But it just happened that I spent my vacation in Hungary. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty and vibe of the country. Why not going to Hungary? 


3. What was your project? What was a regular day like?

     -My volunteer activities were varied.  Once a week (before the summer it was Tuesday, after the summer it was Monday)  another volunteer and I spent a few hours a day in the afternoon school to help  children learn English and German. Three days at the local youth center for youth work. Games of tune-up soccer, cards,  ping pong, rarely helping with the Russian language.  Also, summer camp with children in July, archeological camp in the village in August  and September, support of team volunteers.  




4. What is your favorite memory of the time you spent here?

  -I would say there are a lot of unforgettable moments. The first thing that comes to my mind is traveling by car, bus, train, or boat in Hungary and other countries.  The second thing I think of is talking to people: other volunteers, our boss, mentors,   sometimes local youth, and random people.  The third thing is walking around our village alone, listening to the podcast. 



 5. A funny memory you’d like to share?

    -My Hungarian is very bad. We were in the small village called Keked. Instead of saying   “Jó étvágyat”, I said “Jó éjszakát”. The people who sat in the hall looked at me in  surprise. 




6. What do/did you like the most about Nagyvázsony?

    -Nature, piece, people and the Iskola utca. 


  7.How was life in the flat?

   – Challenging. 


8.Why would you recommend doing volunteering? Why at Fekete Sereg?

   – Volunteering helps you understand yourself. At Feket Shereg you can get involved in   different kinds of activities. This is important. 


 9.How did you benefit from your project/the time you spent here?

-I improved my English, met a lot of interesting people and an amazing girl, and visited 6  countries. Honestly, this is one of the best years of my life. 


10.What are you currently doing in your life? What are your plans for the future?

    – Before the project, I worked for several years as a geography teacher in a college. Now  my country is in an uncertain situation because of the war. I will most likely try to find  ways to go abroad to study or work. Perhaps to Finland. 


11. Anything else you’d like to tell?

   -I would like to thank the people who have worked and are working, at Fekete Sereg, viz: David for his support in the pre-project interview, for his help with paperwork and  interesting conversations; Ferry for the atmosphere at the youth center and funny  jokes; Kira for her administrative work and support; Rita for traveling, organizing   projects and talking about everything. Good luck!