Nikolas Varga

Slovakia (2019)

Your name: Nikolas Varga

Where do you come from: Slovakia

When did you do your volunteering project at Fekete Sereg and how long?

–  June 2019 – I stayed almost 4 weeks in Nagyvázsony.

What was your motivation to do the project/Why did you decide to be a volunteer (in Hungary)?

I wanted to try something new and improve my English and other skills. I choose Hungary because it is very close to me (I speak Hungarian)

What was your project? What was a regular day like?

My project was excellent; we did various activities at school but also with young people in the “office”. In the morning around 9:00 we met at school, we worked and around 12 we had a lunch break. In the afternoon, we were in the office where we had fun with other teenagers, or we had a Hungarian class.

Which is your favourite memory of the time you spent here?

– That I met great people, and our trips around the region like Balatonfüred, Hévíz, Keszthely, Kapolcs etc.

A funny memory you’d like to share?

My fun memory was probably when we opened the wine with the fork at the last night together. 

What do/did you like the most about Nagyvázsony?

The whole village was beautiful, but the team was the best, both the team Fekete Sereg (Feri, Erik, Rita, David) but also the inhabitants.

How was the life in the flat?

-We stayed in a hostel by the castle. Accommodation was comfortable, we just had to get used to the owner of the restaurant, who was sometimes arrogant.