About little teachers

Daria Makarova, our russian volunteer’s thoughs about kindergarten working

About little teachers


It is a great pleasure for me to come to kindergarten every morning and see the children smile as they greet me.

A little more about our work there: Every weekday from 8am to 12pm we are in kindergarten, playing with the kids or helping the kindergarten teachers. During these 2 months, the Katica Group had several trips outside the nursery area. So once we walked around Nagyvázsony and listened to interesting things about the village from the kindergarten teachers. We went to St. Balazs Hill to the Mersics Port, where we could also harvest some grapes.



The last trip we visited the dairy farm of Nagyvázsonyi Mezőgazdasági Kft. In Nemesleányfalu, where the children learned more about milk processing. As you may have noticed, the working days here are very informative, so I really enjoy all my days here. Moreover, I cannot forget to note that the children in my group also became the best Hungarian teachers for me, because at the beginning of the days spent with them they taught me all the numbers, colors and animals in Hungarian. So unexpectedly, not only did I become their kindergarten teacher, but they were also my lovely little teachers.


Daria Makarova