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Shana’s meeting with local doctor

Hello dear prospective volunteer!


My name is Shana from Luxemburg. I would like to tell you my short story and hope it could be useful for everybody.


I have many allergies and while being here I developed allergic asthma. 🙁 I was very afraid to have those health issues in a foreign country. Fortunately, the local doctor, called Dr. Gyula Sebestyén and his assintances were very kind and helpfull and the doctor knew how to speak English and German. He listened to my health complains very carefully and was willing to help me out. He prescribed me the medicine i needed and he even gave me an additional prescription for next month pehaps i will need it later ! When I went to the pharmacy, they were also very kind and immediately passed me my medicine. Don‘t be afraid to have to go to the docter here in Nagyvázsony, he is very attentive!