Short-term group volunteering in Hungary

3 weeks in the Hungarian countryside.

“Fekete Sereg” continues the ESC hosting activities of the volunteers.

It is important to know that Nagyvázsony is a small village, 1800 people living there, the volunteers will also work in small groups therefore the large gatherings will be avoided. The woods, the nature are really close. There are also plenty of outdoor and sport opportunities.

10 young people, between the age of 18-30 will be hosted in Nagyvázsony. The tasks will include outdoor activities, building benches, painting playground and different music, art workshops.

Duration: 3 weeks

For whom: We are looking for volunteers from all the EU countries.

Date: In 2020 there will be 2 groups. The first is in the beginning of autumn, the second one is before Christmas.

If you are interested, contact us here or send an email to