Paula Gehrs

Germany (2018/19)

Hey, my name is Paula and I am from Germany. I spend one amazing year with Fekete Sereg during my European Voluntary Service in Nagyvázsony. I worked as a German teacher in the school of Nagyvázsony and Balatonfüred, as well as in the youth center of Fekete Sereg. During this year I met many great people from all across the world, experienced the work of a teacher and youth worker, did things I never had done before, get to know the Hungarian culture, and even pick up a bit of the Hungarian language. Back in Germany, I peruse my interest in Europe and at the moment I am studying “European Studies” in Passau, which is, by the way, the twin town of Veszprém. So my experiences I did in Hungary are still vivid and always will be. Thank you to all who made my volunteering experience to such a great time!