We traveled a bit to France

Kira’ s short summary of the “Pop Mind” event


On October 4, 2021, Fekete Sereg boarded a plane to spend 4 days in France, including two very intensive professional days in Orleans, France, as part of the “COOPTERR” project created with the support of the Erasmus + program.

COOPTER is nothing more than a strategic partnership in adult education that aims to work together in the cultural, social and solidarity spheres. Delegations from 6 European countries, Romania, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, France and Hungary (Fekete Sereg) meet, take part in contemporary trainings, always host a conference in another country and work together for 2 years, each strengthening their own skills.

The main objective of the event is a network system within which the participating organizations work together, sharing and disseminating their practices and methods, thus helping the territorial cooperation practices of professionals and volunteers. This is how we, together with the representatives of the mentioned countries, got to the colorful program series of the Pop Mind Festival, so that the several dimensions can be associated, we can learn from each other, and our human and professional relations can develop. 




The Pop Mind series of events numbered 200 participants, including our group of about 20 foreigners. Motto: “Cultures, communities and solidarity” We covered a number of topics during these few days, and as we listened to lectures in French, two simultaneous interpreters worked continuously to absorb as much information as possible about the current situation in France, their vision, and the future of Europe: “plural economy”, “participatory democracy”, “areas and cooperation” and “sustainable development”. We have been eyewitnesses to the explanations of not easy topics, direct and indirect participants, our French colleagues and speakers are dissecting the topics  very sensitively, in addition to drawing the final conclusion from everyone’s own experience.

In any case, I can sum up that in addition to having a lot of interesting, smart and kind people, we also got a brief insight into how other countries work in the dimensions where we do our daily work. It was a meaningful and unforgettable experience!

Thank you Orleans!

Thank you COOPTERR! 

Kira Németh