Tittle-tattle in Nagyvázsony IV.

Our mentor’s, Ferenc Gyovai, lines of our summer programs

The village could notice again many foreign phrases, a group of young people moving together, appearing around the youth center. Local youngsters also showed up at the same time and brought the tools and the wooden materials.

Relieved a little bit after the long period without programs, we are back on track with the Fekete Sereg. In the upcoming 3 weeks, until the end of July, we teamed up with Estonian, Austrian, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, French, and Hungarian volunteers in order to make the village even more beautiful. In the beginning, we were in Révfülöp where we had the On-Arrival Training. Together, in many places, we restored facilities and built new creations, for example, hand-crafted furnitures into the yard of the cultural center, next to our youth center.  We are also re-painting the fence around the football field and build new benches at the monastery, remove the weed from amongst the ruins and help the local tennis club.

We have already hosted children for a day from the afternoon school of Somlóvásárhely. On 23rd of July we presented the youth strategy of Nagyvázsony to the local youth in the pub. We visit Veszprém, the European Capital of Culture where we participate in an event in the House of Arts.

We are looking forward to exciting weeks full of experiences! We would be glad to have among us everyone who is interested in these programs or just wants to know new people from abroad.

What is important to know is that the volunteers traveled altogether 18.145 km-s in order to get to Nagyvázsony and help us here for 3 weeks.

Our program is funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

Gyovai Ferenc