A short summary of the project “MY EARTH”, our latest intercontinental cooperation with 6 countries

The MY EARTH project has established a dynamic network between three European and three Latin American partners through which the concept of social and solidarity economy and especially the concept of entrepreneurship based on ecotourism and non-traditional sports has been transferred from Latin America to Europe. The network shares its best practices of solidarity tourism within the network itself, within the participating organizations, and among the local communities.


Job shadowings, study visits and a youth exchange were an integral part of the project to meet the needs of both young people looking for employment opportunities and youth workers who wanted to gain experience with this solidarity economic approach.

The European partners contributed to the success of the project with their long experience in youth work and inclusion policies.

Partner Countries

Latin America: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay

European Union: France, Hungary, Portugal


Developing a platform for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities by introducing and applying the social and solidarity economy model and fostering their mobility and employability through youth work in a sustainable way.

Promoting social entrepreneurship in the fields of ecotourism and non-traditional sports through quality training and technical coaching for youth workers with the aim of initiating or strengthening young people’s employability and capacity for self-employment.


to develop the competences of youth workers to improve their work with youth in matters related to social economy
to empower young people with fewer opportunities and support their mobility and employability
to sharing best practices learned throughout the project on organizational, local and transnational levels
to support youth vocational education and training and learning about entrepreneurship


Activity Steps

Activity Latin America Europe Total
Kick Off Meeting in Paris 3 3 6
Study Visits (PT + HU) 9 9 18
Job Shadowings (LA, EU) 9 9 18
Youth Exchange (in LA) 16 15 31
Evaluation Seminar 3 3 6


  1. Kick-off meeting in France
    Study visits: 5-day programs each in Portugal and in Hungary
    Job shadowings: sending 9 youth workers from Europe and 9 from South America on 10-day programs each.
    Youth exchange: sending 12 young people from Europe and 12 from Latin America for a 7-day youth exchange program, plus 1 leader each.
    Evaluation Seminar: organized by the youth workers and young people in the aftermath of their youth exchange, study visits, job shadowings –  for making recommendations for creating inclusion practices.
    Developing 4 newsletters after each main part of the project.
    Developing a booklet with good practices and training examples that tackle the question of combating youth unemployment through introducing the concept of social and solidarity tourism.

Desired Impact

We expect this project to have a positive impact on employability and mobility of youth with fewer opportunities and to improve the qualifications of youth workers, not only within the partner organizations, but in much wider networks after the dissemination of results, videos and recommendations, and open-sourcing the booklet of good practices.