Alexis Poiré

Corsica 2020.november-2021.january (2 months)

Your name:  Alexis Poiré

Where do you come from: Corsica

When did you do your volunteering project at Fekete Sereg and how long? 2 months

What was your motivation to do the project/Why did you decide to be a volunteer (in Hungary)?

To discover a new country with new cultures, and to learn more English.

What was your project? What was a regular day like? 

A lot of things: First of all  to help the municipality with the association to build the Christmas decorations. Secondly, be present at the youth center with Kira, Ferenc, … And make different things to improve the center. Finally, to go with Rita  in the Afternoon school to discover the country, to meet the youngsters and the schools.

Which is your favorite memory of the time you spent here?

Difficult question. I think it was the discovering of Budapest, I never saw pictures of it, and I was very surprised.

A funny memory you’d like to share?

When we took down the decorations  from the Christmas tree with Kira, I put an ornament on the ground, and 2 minutes later, I saw a dog with the ornament in his mouth and playing with it, finally ran away.

What do/did you like the most about Nagyvázsony?

 The village mentality : Kindness, open mind, …

How was life in the flat?

Nice, a little bit alone, but the ambiance was good.

Why would you recommend doing volunteering? Why at Fekete Sereg?


Because it’s a very nice project, you can do a lot of things, you can discover the villagers, the culture, the youngsters, … The association is very interesting and all the people in that are really NICE.

How did you benefit from your project/the time you spent here?

Like I said, the culture,  English language, the country, … And different things, like to edit, to know the history of Europe, the habits, different handmade things, Ping-Pong and babyfoot 😉 …

What are you currently doing in your life? What are your plans for the future?

 I search a new mission with Erasmus !

Anything else you’d like to tell?

Thank you again for all , that was so niiiice!