Fekete Sereg Youth Association
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Tax number: 18926198-1-19

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Result of YOSE II

6 YOSE II videos According to the Youth Opportunities in Social Economy II. that we planned to use in all activities of this ...


Between 19-24 Februray we are starting our new project MY EARTH with the support of Erasmus + programme in Paris with Kick off ...
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Április 2020
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My report on the European Solidarity Corps Peers Kick-off meeting

Brussels, 25 – 28 March 2019 What was the meeting about? The overall aim of this meeting was to build a community or network around the European ...


My name is Ajeeja Khanam from India. I heard about European Volunteer Services (EVS) from the organization Jeevan Rekha Parishad (JRP). It’s a ...

LEMON Meeting in Pau

The last week of September it was the first meeting of our LEMON Network in Pau (France). This Netwrok strated to work together in 2015 for the ...
The Fekete Sereg Youth Association was founded in 1997 and is mainly composed by young aged between 13 and 30, living in Nagyvázsony (1800 inhabitants) and in the Vázsony-valley in Hungary. The association’s duty is to represent the interest of the young living in the village at regional, national and international level. Our village is situated in the rural area. The target groups of our association are diverse: students, unemployed ones, minorities (roma), disadvantaged and handicapped people etc.

Our mission is to give the youth of the village possibilities to spend their free time by doing useful activities, to support bottom-up initiatives of the young living in the village. Our aim is also to give the same possibilities to our youngsters as others have in the European Union. We collaborate with municipalities, foundations, other regional, national and international organisations,  experts and other people supporting youth.

Fekete Sereg Youth Association employs 3 youth workers. We also have two EVS volunteers and  5-8 occasional volunteers.

Our association has been run a media house since 1999. As a bottom-up initiative, a media programme was launched in 2000. We publish a youth newsletter appearing 7 times a year in 600 examples. Our members launched a regular television programme called Sereg-szemle in the local TV network. We also edit a teletext.

Fekete Sereg organizes the Integrated Special Triathlon Games where handicapped and healthy people play and compete together in mixed teams. The aim of this game is to enhance cooperation between people having different health status.

Due to our wide national and European connections, partners and networks, we try to provide the possibility for young people to get to know different cultures, people with the subvention of the Youth in Action Programme. We usually organize local, regional, national, international events, trainings, youth exchanges, study visits, seminars. Fekete Sereg is an accredited European Voluntary Service hosting, sending and coordinating association.

By this way of working we not only try to give them an international experience but we aim to facilitate their tolerance and abolish all kinds of discrimination and prejudices they can have. We regularly cooperate in formal and non-formal networks on national level. Our international partners come from all around Europe and we have a very valuable network of partners in the Mediterranean and South American region.

Our organisation is member of the national network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. In 2008-2010 our organisation has a Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project. In 2009 Fekete Sereg coordinates a Youth in the World project between Europe and Latin America and we have the opportunity to participate in a project with Africa and Asia.

Do you have any question? You can contact us through our e-mail address.