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My name is Ajeeja Khanam from India. I heard about European Volunteer Services (EVS) from the organization Jeevan Rekha ...


Between 19-24 Februray we are starting our new project MY EARTH with the support of Erasmus + programme in Paris with Kick off ...
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Február 2019
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LEMON Meeting in Pau

The last week of September it was the first meeting of our LEMON Network in Pau (France). This Netwrok strated to work together in 2015 for the ...

Comp-Pass experiences in Hungary

Fekete Sereg Youth Association implemented the Comp-Pass project’s local workshops in January 2018, in Nagyvázsony where the Hungarian ...

Let`s play Deusi!

We had plenty of chance to join celebrations in Nepal since there are so many of them that one can`t even keep them in mind. During the festival ...

Elders’ Carnaval

It was pomp and color at the Elders’ Carnaval which was held on the 25th of February in Nagyvazsony. This festival had been organized by the members of the Elders Club situated here in the village and Fekete Sereg team were in attendance. Both the young and old were present at this event which was graced by the Mayor of the village. The Carnaval is a festive season which involves public celebration where people wear masks and costumes as a symbol of heightened sense of unity. In Hungary, the season is marked by fun activities, masquerades and cheerful parades that aim to scare off winter and welcome spring. Here in Nagyvazsony, the festival was marked with various costumes and masks by the children at the kindergarten, students at the school, the elders and eventually the parade and street party in the village. At the Elders’ Carnaval, the elders walked into the hall with various costumes, masks and wigs to mark this occasion. The costumes were inspired by various professions, everyday roles and norms and even famous comedians from around. Interestingly, the participants at this event had the chance to do role play with the costumes to lay emphasis of the everyday characters and their duties in daily life. There was a lot of food for those who had attended the event. Cakes with different flavors, bread smeared with margarine, cheese, pork among others. This had been accompanied by different types of wines and spirits including the famous ‘Palinka’ that never misses at a Hungarian party. Fekete Sereg team had the chance to entertain the elders with Ukulele tunes and urged the elders to allow their children explore their talents in the school. During the session, we also introduced the volunteers that we work with and explained their roles in the community. This was to enable the elders familiarize themselves with the diversified set of volunteers from Germany, France, Nepal and Kenya. And as you know, there’s always no party without music. There was a musician who played the piano and sang his heart out at various Hungarian songs. The music was really breathtaking and the elders danced their hearts out at this event which was completely amazing. As old as a couple of them seemed to be, they moved their feet rhythmically and responded to the beats of the music while displaying that they still had a lot of energy to dance. As the event came to a closure, the participants at this event played the tombola. Previously, some of the individuals at the event had bought numbered raffle tickets, which they used to reclaim prizes that had been assigned to the ticket numbers. A good number of people walked away with the many prizes that had been displayed at the dais and they seemed to be very happy with the rewards. We look forward to having sunny days as the Carnaval season comes to an end!