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Comp-Pass experiences in Hungary

Fekete Sereg Youth Association implemented the Comp-Pass project’s local workshops in January 2018, in Nagyvázsony where the ...

Elders’ Carnaval

It was pomp and color at the Elders’ Carnaval which was held on the 25th of February in Nagyvazsony. This festival had been ...
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Július 2018
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Let`s play Deusi!

We had plenty of chance to join celebrations in Nepal since there are so many of them that one can`t even keep them in mind. During the festival ...

After 3 months in Okhaldhunga (Nepal)

So here we go. Midterm evaluation in Kathmandu. Tomorrow we are heading back again to our sweet home in Okhaldhunga (yes we kind of feel home now and ...

24 young Europeans chosen to head to South America

Fekete Sereg Youth Association after 4 years coordinating a new challeging project the YO SE project have selected their volunteers to head to South ...

Footstep Senior Volunteering in Millbrook

Our association sent sent 6 volunteers to Millbrook in Cornwall for 3 weeks Senior Voluntary programme between 8-28 June 2015. Footsteps we sent a group of six over-50 volunteers in United Kingdom. We were offer a range of volunteering tasks that directly support community facilities. Our volunteers blog you can read here only in Hungarian: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1642954142586075&id=1631195123761977 -- Our volunteers will improve community facilities with cleaning, and do some simple maintenance work (such as clearing overgrown gardens). -- Outdoor work. Our volunteers will help to open footpaths, clean rubbish from lakes, rivers and the sea, plant trees and care for existing new trees. -- Cookery and "village dinners". our host partners Grenville Battery Trust will organise a number of feasts for our communities, featuring typical traditional food from the partner country and inviting large numbers of residents to attend. -- Work with local schoolchildren, to share the activities. This will provide learning and contact between the generations. -- Publicity / information events, including a specific presentation event created and hosted by the international volunteers during their visit. We want the Footsteps project to focus in particular on inclusion of Senior Volunteers with disadvantage through restricted educational achievement and/or economic challenges (long-term unemployment). We believe the theme and activities are very accessible for this target group. We will work towards future international links between our communities.