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24 young Europeans chosen to head to South America

Fekete Sereg Youth Association after 4 years coordinating a new challeging project the YO SE project have selected their ...

Elders’ Carnaval

It was pomp and color at the Elders’ Carnaval which was held on the 25th of February in Nagyvazsony. This festival had been ...
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November 2017
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Lithuanian Delegation visited our Center

Fekete Sereg hosted the Meeting of Hungarian and Lithuanian Youth Proffesionals organized by the Báthory István Hungarian-Lithuanian Cooperation ...

Footstep Senior Volunteering in Millbrook

Our association sent sent 6 volunteers to Millbrook in Cornwall for 3 weeks Senior Voluntary programme between 8-28 June 2015. Footsteps we sent a ...

Less talk about work

BEJA GATHERS 30 YOUTH WORKERS FROM ALL OVER EUROPE FOR … The challenges and problems of each generation was different, and the young people of the ...

Ocean divide youth unites

„Ocean divides – youth unites” a multi-tasked, complex, diverse, international youth project. On the basis of establishing better and stronger co-operation between different NGOs dealing with youth issues in rural environment, the project consists different elements.
The main goal is to have a better knowledge about the participants’ realities: the different realities of the different areas of different continents. Therefore to prepare the educational guideline and also, to organize the whole programme is challenging activity for both the trainers and organizers.

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